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Mililani Fields

10 Acres Park (map)

  • Near the end of Makaunulau St.
  • Shetland practice/games
  • Pinto practice
  • Mustang practice

Makaunulau Community Park (map)

  • AKA "16 Acres"
  • Corner of Kuahelani Ave. and Makaunulau Street
  • Shetland practice/games
  • Bronco practice
  • Pony practice

Central Oahu Regional Park (map)

  • AKA "CORP"
  • On Kamehameha Hwy in Waipio
  • Mustang, Bronco, Pony games

Hokuohiahi Park (map)

  • AKA "Hoku" (Hoh-koo)
  • Corner of Kuahelani Ave. and Hokuahiahi St.
  • Mustang practice/games

Kipapa Park (map)

  • AKA "Kipapa" (kee-pah-pah)
  • Kuahelani Ave.
  • Next to Kipapa Elementary School
  • Shetland/Pinto practice/games

Kuahelani Park (map)

  • AKA "Mililani Uka" or simply "Uka" (oo-kah)
  • Corner of Kuahelani Ave. and Lanikuhana Ave.
  • Next to Mililani Uka Elementary
  • Pinto practice/games

Melemanu Park (map)

  • AKA "Melemanu" and "Mele" (meh-leh)
  • Corner of Kamehameha Hwy. and Waikalani Dr.
  • Pinto/Mustang practice

Mililani Ike Elementary (map)

  • AKA "Ike" (ee-keh)
  • Top side of Lehiwa Dr.
  • Registration/Meetings

Mililani Neigborhood Park (map)

  • AKA "Neighborhood"
  • Kaloapau St.
  • Pinto practice/games

Mililani Waena Park (map)

  • AKA "Waena" (wah-eh-nah)
  • Enter through Mililani Waena Elementary Parking lot on Kipapa Dr.
  • Shetland practice/games

Red Ropes (map)

  • Kamaio Street
  • Across Mililani Market Place Shopping Center
  • Pinto/Mustang practice/games

YMCA (map)

  • Hikikaulia Street
  • Behind Mililani YMCA
  • Shetland practice/games

Noholoa (map)

  • Next to Hanalani School
  • Bronco practices and games
  • Noholoa loop

Mililani District park (map)

  • Two diamonds on this field
  • diamond closest to skate park is for shetland & pinto
  • diamond at the ewa end is of pony division
  • Lanikuhana Ave


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