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Q: What is the leagues geographical boundary?

There are no graphical boundaries. Anyone who lives or goes to school in Hawaii is eligible.

Q: What does it cost to register?

Cost changes depending on the season. For the calendar year 2024, the following pricing is in effect.

Tee-Ball (6U) - $85
Rookies (8U) - $115; $145 (Spring)
Minors (10U) - $155; $185 (Spring)
Majors (12U) - $155; $185 (Spring)
13-Prep (13U) - $155; $185 (Spring)
13-15 (15U) - $155; $185 (Spring)

Q: When does registration open?

Registration typically opens 6-8 weeks prior to the start of the season and is open for about 2 weeks.

Q: How long does late registration open?

Late registration is not always available and when it is open is subject to waitlist and roster availability.  When it is open, late registration may only open for a few days up to a week.

Q: How much is the late registration fee?

As of 2022, the fee for late registration is $30 and is subject to change.

Q: I registered but changed my mind, can I get a refund?

Depending on the timing of the refund request, we can either provide a full refund, partial refund, or no refund. Please see the Refund Policy for details.

Q: I registered but I want to change the division i registered in, what can i do?

Changing divisions may be possible only prior to Coaches meeting where teams are rostered.  Please contact the Registration Coordinator as soon as possible.  

Q: What is my registration fee paying for?

The league fee is approved by the COBA Board annually and pays for national charter, uniforms, umpires, baseballs, field and equipment maintenance, and other operational costs.

Q: Do I need a coach to register?

No, COBA has an open registration meaning anyone age eligible can register. The league works hard each season to ensure that each registered player is rostered.

Q: If I choose a preferred coach, will I be assigned that coach?

Although we do our best to accommodate each request, the preferred coach is a request only. Depending on the availability, players may be placed on other rosters.

Q: Can I go up a division from my age group?

Yes, you can go up at your discretion but you must be able to perform at that level. Typically players/teams go up a division during the summer season.

Q: I am new to baseball, can I go down an age division?

No, due to safety concerns. No exceptions.

Q: How many players will be rostered on each team?

The maximum number of players rostered on each team is 15.  Ultimately the max varies from season to season depending on the number of players in need of a team. Minimum is typically 12 depending on the division and the season participating in. Please contact your division coordinator for further info.

Q: What does the player need to provide?

Players will be provided a jersey and cap. Parents must provide everything else including the remaining uniform including pants, cleats, belt, and socks. Protective gear and baseball equipment will also be furnished by the player including protective cup, bat, glove, and batting helmet.

Q: I’ve registered, when will I be contacted?

Your new coach will be contacting you prior to the start of the season. Official practice does not start until 2-3 weeks prior to the opening day. Please allow time for your coach to contact you as their current team may still be in season. If you haven’t received any notification please contact your division coordinator.

Q: I’ve registered but want to make registration changes?

This is possible as long as teams have not been rostered at the Coaches meeting.  Please contact the registration coordinator for changes.  If changes need to be made after teams have been rostered, please contact your division coordinator.

Q: I have a team that would like to participate in the COBA season, how do we register?

Intact team participation is subject to availability. There is a separate registration for intact teams. Please contact the division coordinator and provide the following info: Team Name, Division, Manager Name, email, and phone number.

Q: How much does intact team registration cost and what do we get?

Cost changes depending on the season. Intact teams only receive game balls. For the calendar year 2024, the following pricing is in effect for intact teams.

Tee-Ball (6U) - $500
Rookies (8U) - $900
Minors (10U) - $1300; $1400 (Spring)
Majors (12U) - $1300; $1500 (Spring)
13-Prep (13U) - $1300; $1600 (Spring)
13-15 (15U) - $1300; $1600 (Spring)

Q: How many players do I need on our intact team roster?

Intact team roster require a minimum of 12 players.  There are no maximums.

Q: Can an intact team get practice fields?

Intact teams may request practice fields though priority goes to COBA community teams.  Please contact the division coordinator for availability.

Q: I am an intact player, how do I register and pay?

Registration and payment is coordinated by your coach.  Please do not register and pay through the COBA Open registration programs link.