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Q: What days of the week do the teams practice?

It can vary and will depend on the coach and the field availability. Typically a coach will choose to hold practice twice per week day afternoon. Teams will rotate the assigned fields each week.

Q: When are games held?

Typically games are held on weekends, one game on each Saturday and Sunday.  Depending on the number of teams participating, there may be an occasional scheduled weekday game.

Q: How long is the season and how many games are scheduled?

The scheduled season is 6-8 weeks long with 12-14 games scheduled in that duration.

Q: Where are practice and games held?

All assigned practices and games are held in Mililani. Occasionally games may be scheduled at other locations depending on field availability.

Q: Is there a participation/bench requirement?

COBA is a community recreation league and require that players not bench 2 consecutive innings. All players must bat through the lineup.  There are no position playing requirements.

Q: I am unhappy with my team/coach this season, what can I do?

If their are other concerns such as safety, please notify your division coordinator immediately. COBA is an all volunteer based organization. Coaches volunteer their time to teach kids the game, parents and players volunteer their time to participate. Everyone must choose to make it work or choose to walk away. Please discuss your concerns with coach before addressing the league.