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Q: I’m a new coach, what is the coaches meeting and do I need to attend?

There are 2 mandatory coaches meetings each season. The first meeting is for COBA coaches only and occurs the week after registration closes. Here, the coaches will roster players, choose uniforms, and determine practice days.  The second coaches meeting occurs the week of the start of the season and is where we distribute uniforms, game balls, and go over season rules.

Q: How do I become a coach?

New to coaching in COBA? Please reach out to the division coordinator prior to registration. Coaching opportunities is dependent upon the number of open registered players in that division.

Q: I’m a new coach, am I required to be in the coaches membership?

All team manager are required to become coaches members for the Spring season required by Babe Ruth League to maintain the COBA charter.

Q: What is the Coaches Membership?

Coach Membership is a mechanism under Babe Ruth League to ensure that all coaches who volunteer under the charter have taken their Babe Ruth Coaches Certification, have passed a back ground check, and have taken their Abuse Prevention training.

Q: How much does the Coaches Certification cost?

The Babe Ruth Coaches Certification costs $20 and never expires. The Background check and Abuse Prevention Training costs $25 expires after 2 years.

Q: When do I register for Coaches Membership?

All head coaches and assistant coaches who plan on volunteering in the Spring season will need to sign up for the Babe Ruth Coaches Membership.  

Q: Why do I have to pay to be a coach?

Coaches certification is good for 2 years and stays with the Coach. If you decide to coach in another Babe Ruth League, your certification stays with you.